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19th december 2009
Our chess program iGrandMaster was released yesterday evening in the App Store.
17th february 2009
The Beer Counter was downloaded 150,000 times.
11th november 2008
Now there is a Babyphone in the App Store. I contributed to this program. Good luck to MAIL POINT GmbH.
22nd october 2008
Jörg Rodehüser developed a Windows Mobile version of the Beer Counter. You can download it here.
16th october 2008
Version 1.1 of Beer Counter is available in the App Store. Longer counts can be displayed, prices can be calculated and the date of the last increment will be saved. Also rotation of the device is supported.
16th september 2008
Apple rejected the application Count It for the App Store. It is to similar to Beer Counter.
12th september 2008
The Beer Counter was installed more than 50,000 times.
9th september 2008
More than 47,000 people downloaded the Beer Counter. Even on YouTube you can watch a video featuring the Beer Counter. A neutral version of the Beer Counter is released: Count It.
17th august 2008
In the last two days the Beer Counter was downloaded more than 9,000 times. To support the big user group outside german speaking countries, this site also supports english.