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10. October 2013: AllFonts Free

All Fonts is now available in a free version in the App Store. This version shows Ads and has a non-editable text. I wonder, how this version will evolve.

28. September 2013: iOS Apps from YaNiRo

Together with Xenoon GmbH I developed marvelous iOS app as YaNiRo. The iGrandMaster is our chess programm, that we developed together with Thomas, Frank, and Kai.

All YaNiRo Apps are now hosted on my account.

27. September 2013: Macoun 2013

Are you also going to the Macoun next weekend? Maybe we will meet there.

26. September 2013: iOS Apps from Wundermeister

Since yesterday I host the apps from Wundermeister. I have built great apps with Peter and Markus. Thanks a lot! To avoid the vanishing of Xelebration, WunderCow, WunderPoles and EnlightenMe, they are now living in my account.

6. October 2011: Thank you Steve!

We'll stay hungry and foolish. And we deeply appreciate your achievements. Thank you.

13. June 2011: No Chase 2011

We will perform this week the third instance of the No Chase Run. The racing track is the same as last year.

10. June 2011: Poor Mans Tethering

The 22th iOS-App for which I written at least some code, is available in the App Store: Poor Mans Tethering.

The App was inspired by a contract change due to which my internet access was disabled for 8 days. Only iPhone and iPad could access the internet via cellular network. With the App you can copy documents into the App with iTunes and send them as e-mail attachements.

Also you can copy email attachements to the App and transfer them back to your computer via iTunes.

The user interface is somewhat sober, but the App is free and was developed without internet access :–)

29. April 2010: member of vieda

Timm Knape Softwaretechnik is a member of the Verband von iPhone-Entwicklern vieda.

1. April 2010: AllFonts for iPad

My App AllFonts has passed Apple review. On the iPad you have more space, a SplitView and PopUp menus. On the iPhone everything stays the same (apart from a small gradient). Both in a single binary, so that the same App runs on iPhone and iPad.

Screenshot of AllFonts on the iPad

Now I only need the possibilty to buy an iPad here in Germany. Once again the software is faster than postal service :–)

28. January 2010: Welcome iPad

Now it is official: the new tablet from Apple is the iPad. After installing the development environment (that is currently in beta state) the recompilation of iGrandMaster showed the true migration efforts: it runs without a problem in the iPad simulator.

There are no great changes in the API documented, so momentary it seems that we can provide iPad applications. Of course the documentation has to be digested first. We want to write iPad applications, not iPhone applications that are scaled up.

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